Short-term Chinese Language and Culture Programs

Short-term Chinese Language and Culture Program

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Short-term Chinese Language and Culture Program

(In terms of Group)

Students can apply for the short-term Chinese language and culture program during the semester or during the vacation. In addition to Chinese courses, cultural activities such as Chinese calligraphy, Taiji, folk art experience and Jiangnan cultural experience can be arranged for students.

The general duration of study is 1-3 weeks. The program content, program cost and study duration are tailored to the needs of the group.

At present, only group of 10 or more people is accepted.

Language courses: Chinese fast listening, Chinese fast speaking, etc

Artistic experience: Chinese film and television appreciation, Chinese tea culture experience, Taiji, calligraphy, farmers' painting experience, tie-dye experience, watermelon lamp making experience, Xiashi colored lanterns making experience, etc.

Jiangnan culture experience: Jiaxing cultural experience, Hangzhou cultural experience, Shanghai cultural experience, etc.



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