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1. Accommodation condition

School provides International Students’ Apartment and Yuexiu No.4 Student Dormitory for international students. On-campus rooms are equipped with beds, bedclothes, a desk, a closet, an air-conditioner and internet access.

International Student’s Dormitory has separate bathroom. There are shared kitchens, washing machines, activity room in the public area.

Yuexiu No.4 Student Dormitory has shared bathroom on each floor. There are shared kitchens, dining room, washing machines and dryers in the public area.

2. Check-in procedure

Pay accommodation fee and depositàtemporary residence registration at local police station within 24hoursà X1 visa holders apply for resident permit within 30 days

3. Payment of accommodation fee

bank transfer

International Students’ Apartment

Yuexiu No.4 Student Dormitory








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