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International students must hold a passport and X visa when they come to China. Foreigners must get accommodation registration in local police station within 24 hours of their arrival in China. When a foreigner changes the living place, he/she should also get accommodation registration in local police station within 24 hours.

If the passport expires, the students need to confirm the status of visa or residence permit after renewing the passport so as to avoid illegal stay or inability to enter China. If you get a new passport, you should report and submit a photocopy of the passport to the office of Institute of International Education.

The students who hold X2 visa should pay attention to the valid duration of staying in China in case of illegal stay. X1 visa is only 30 days valid from the date of entry into China. The students should apply within 30 days of arrival in China for the residency permit to Jiaxing Exit and Entry Administration Bureau so as to avoid illegal stay. When applying for residence permit, the passport will be handed to Exit and Entry Administration Bureau. It will take about 14 workdays to get residence permit.

Application documents for resident permit:

1) Application form

2) Residence permit application letter

3) Original passport and its photocopy

4) X visa and photocopy of passport page with entry stamp

5) Physical examination report from designated physical examination center in Jiaxing

6) Temporary residence registration from local police station

7) One two-inch photo with white background

8) Documents prepared by the university and other documents required by Exit and Entry Administration Bureau

If the visa or residence permit is about to expire while the study period is not over, the students need to apply for extending residence permit at least 7 days ahead of expiring date.

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