Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees

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Please find following cost items related to International Students on different programs.

  Cost Item Programs Tuition
1 Tuition Majors of Liberal Arts CNY 16,000/Year
Majors of Science CNY 16,000/Year

Majors of Engineering

CNY 16,000/Year
Majors of Arts CNY 18,000/Year
Clinical Medicine CNY 20,000/Year
Pharmacy CNY 16,000/Year
Nursing CNY 16,000/Year
Chinese Language (Non-degree) Program(One Semester) CNY 7,500/Semester
Chinese Language (Non-degree) Program(One Year) CNY 15,000/Year
Summer Camp Quotaion is varied with different course contents
2 Accomodation

International student apartment:(water and electricity fee is not included, free WIFI, separate bathroom)

CNY 30/Person/Day (Single Room);CNY 15/Person/Day (Double Room)

3 Application Fee CNY 200/Person (Non-refundable)
4 Insurance About CNY 400/Semester, CNY 800/Year
5 Residence Permit About CNY 400 for about half one year, CNY 800 for about one year
6 Textbook Varying based on the quantity/price of the text books
7 Physical Check About CNY 580 /Person, and it may be slightly adjusted

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