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What Important Things Do I Need to Know First before Entering China?

Welcome to Jiaxing University!

As an International student, you are expected to comply with Chinese Laws and Regulations, the rules set by university, and to respect Chinese customs. Below are the important things you need to know first:

1. Foreigners must get temporary residence registration in local police station within 24 hours of their arrival in China. Otherwise, you will be regarded as an illegal resident and be fined accordingly.

2. X visa is only 30 days valid from the date of entry into China. Please go through all the procedures of registration to the university and apply within thirty days of arrival for the residence permit to the local police authority.

3. Staying in China after the visa or resident permit expires will be regarded as illegal behavior.

4. These are illegal acts such as bring drugs to China, selling or transporting drugs, instigating or inducing others to take drugs in China. Please note that drugs are totally forbidden in China including marijuana.

5. Students are not allowed to take part-time or full-time jobs in China. Operating business or being engaged in other business-related activities is also not permitted.


1. Registration documents

Passport, visa, the original or copy of admission notice, five front photos with a white background (in size of 35mm * 45mm), and hard copy of all the original application documents.

2. Registration site

College of International Education, Office No. 409

3. Registration procedure

Review and check admission documents and original application documents----on-campus accommodation check-in----payment of fees-----successful registration

4. Payment of fees

Tuition is required to be paid off within 15 working days after registration in university. Accommodation fee and other fees are required to pay off according to relevant regulations of the university.

Please Note:

If you fail to provide the relevant application materials or provide false application materials or fail to pay the relevant fees within the stipulated time, you are not allowed to register.

You must register with all the original application documents at College of International Education within stipulated time. If you fail to register within the time limit without the permission of College of International Education, you will be regarded as giving up the enrollment.

Students who apply to live off-camps are required to submit application form and provide relevant documents to College of International Education. After get approved by College of International Education, students can live off campus. Students who live off camps should do temporary residence registration within 24 hours at the local police station where he/she lives.

Add: No.899 Guangqiong Road, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China


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