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2020 Freshmen Opening Ceremony

来源 :       作者 :      时间 : 2020-10-13

On October 12, the opening ceremony was held in Lianglin campus. Members of the university leadership team presented at the ceremony: Lu Xinbo, Lu Jun, Wu Yunda, Jia Wensheng, Zhou Yaxin, Hu Junyun, Chen Xinyou, Zhang Qi, Yang Peiqiang and Zhu Rong. Over 600 teacher and student representatives attended the ceremony. More than 130,000 teachers, students, alumni and parents watched the live broadcast.

The president Lu Jun delivered a speech. He hopes that all freshmen take Jiaxing University as a new starting point for pursuing dreams, realizing values, practicing the spirit of university motto, nurturing abundance of righteousness and becoming the pillars of the society.

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