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Welcome to Jiaxing University!

                                       President Lu Xinbo                                    

Jiaxing University(JXU) is a public academic institution that was founded in 1914. The university is always committed to cultivating high quality applied talents with sense of social responsibility, sprit of innovation and entrepreneurship and practical ability. Our university has 12 colleges that collectively offer 55 undergraduate programs covering economics, laws, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management and arts. We inspire students with the skills and values necessary to drive success and positively impact society.                                       


Located in the Yangtze river delta, Jiaxing prospers from its unique geographic location. Thanks to the Jiaxing’s booming economy, our university is offered opportunities to play a distinct role in promoting regional innovation system, enhance first-class discipline construction, and serve the society at all levels. More than 30 university-enterprise cooperation platforms have been established including Alibaba Customer Experience Production-Research Base. We always avail ourselves of every means to create a variety of groundbreaking chances to help students learn and thrive in personalized ways. As a result, graduates from JXU are prepared with broad employment prospects and career opportunities.


Our university's Motto is Integrity and Tenacity; Diligence and Prudence, which was inscribed by Shiing-shen Chern, the worldwide renowned mathematician as well as our first Honorary President. Our university’s spirit is To pursue the reality, the truth and the right path. Therefore, we are exerting our utmost efforts to provide our students with a humanistic and holistic education that enables them to think globally and innovatively and make practical use of their professional knowledge and skills for smooth cross-cultural communication. Besides, we provide our students with applied ability to grow as critical thinkers, to expand their knowledge and to develop their skills that will serve them well beyond their time at JXU. 


Meanwhile, JXU has been devoting to promoting the international education and cooperation. We have now established partnerships with more than 40 universities in the U.S.A, Germany, France, the UK, Denmark, South Korea and Japan, etc. We have made it a strategic priority in our development planning to go global and actively work on facilitating cross-border knowledge exchange and expanding students’ international horizons. On the one hand, we send the students for the international exchange programs and dual degrees programs with our partner universities. JXU also has set various scholarships to sponsor our exchange students to gain invaluable experience through study abroad. On the other hand, we have been dedicating to offering the foreign students more opportunities to study in JXU. We provide long and short-term language and culture programs as well as a broad array of high-quality undergraduate programs tailored to overseas students. JXU is a vibrant place to live and study and we keep striving to create an optimum learning environment for international students. 


Looking forward to seeing you in JXU. 

--------------President Lu Xinbo

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