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Jiaxing University has 56 undergraduate programs, among which a total of 12 undergraduate programs are offered to overseas students in Year 2020, covering disciplines like economics, management, engineering, medicine, education and literature.

1. Undergraduate Programs teaching in Chinese:

A total of 12 undergraduate programs are in Chinese medium. Generally, the study duration is four years, except for Clinical Medicine, which is of five years.

2. Undergraduate Program teaching in English:

International Economics and Trade and Applied Chemistry are in English medium. Study duration is four years. The minimum class enrollment limit is 5 students otherwise the class will be canceled.

3. Application Requirements of Undergraduate Programs


Ages above 18 and below 30; Non-Chinese citizens with foreign passports.


Have high school diploma or certificate with qualified academic performance.


Be physically and mentally healthy and abide by the laws and regulations of China as well as rules and regulations of JXU.




HSK4(180 or above) for the applicants of the majors taught in Chinese

Applicants applying for majors taught in English should meet one of the language requirements:

a. IELTS(5.5 or above) or TOEFL(61 or above);

b. Native language or official language is English;

c. High school courses are all taught in English;

d. English proficiency certificate can be recognized by Jiaxing university

4. Please find following information for colleges and majors.




Teaching Language

Study Duration

College of Business




4 Years

International Economics and Trade



4 Years




4 Years

Human Resources Management



4 Years

College of Biological, Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Applied Chemistry



4 Years

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Design

Manufacture and Automation



4 Years

College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering

Computer Science and Technology



4 Years

College of Material and Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering



4 Years

College of Medicine

Clinical Medicine




College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Engineering Management



4 Years

College of Foreign Studies




4 Years

Normal School

Pre-school Education



4 Years

Brief Introduction of 12 undergraduate programs for International Students

1. Economics

About Us

The program of economics which was founded in 2000, has been accredit as the Specialized Program on national level, Demonstrative Program of the Education Ministry and the Leading Undergraduate Program of Zhejiang Province. Targeted at the small and medium-sized enterprises, financial institutions and general administration departments of the government, this program is characterized with application-oriented project teaching and individualized cultivation focusing on research-based learning. Our students are expected to be equipped with solid economic theories, practical capability, creativity, skills for cross-culture communication and international perspective.

There are 21 faculty members, among whom 7 are professors, and 16 hold doctoral degree. Most faculty members have experiences of oversea study or are visiting scholars. This program has a Provincial Quality Course (Western Economics), and a Provincial Leading Teaching Team (Western Economics). We offer corporate economy and trade economy as two optional directions for your diversity and personal development.

We have so far achieved satisfactory effect in our talent cultivating. The average starting salaries of our graduates rank the top in Jiaxing University. This program has been listed top 100 among economics programs in universities of mainland China, according to evaluation of CUAA(a China alumni website In addition, this program has been awarded as Four Star Program.

2. International Economics & Trade

About Us

This program which was founded in 2001 has been listed among one of the Zhejiang provincial key programs. Among the 18 faculty members, 80% have got overseas education background.

We are focused on preparing our students with competence of international business planning and implementing as well as knowledge and skills of online & offline international business. In addition, this program provides our students with in-depth insights into the global operations and management of multinational corporations. Our students are expected to be innovative in business management with international perspective.

The courses are instructed in Chinese, however, those sections which are designed with PBL (problem-based learning) are instructed in English. Furthermore, there are projects specifically designed for international students.

Over the past few years, we have enrolled non-degree seeking students from Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, South Korea and other countries, as well as internship students from Denmark. Since 2019 we have begun to enroll degree-seeking students from Brazil, Pakistan, Jordan and Thailand.

3. Accounting

About Us

The accounting program with a history of over one hundred years has been recognized as the main source of quality accountants in China's nonferrous metal industry. This program has been awarded a series of honors: Characteristic program by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Leading Program on provincial level by the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, Characteristic Program on provincial level and leading undergraduate program of Zhejiang Province.

We have 17 faculty members, among whom 5 are professors, 3 are associate professors and 13 hold doctoral degree. The accounting teaching team has been recognized as the provincial leading teaching team.

We are committed to cultivating the students' problem-solving skills with international perspective. In order to achieve this goal, we offer such courses as International Accounting Standards (IAS), International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and International Financial Analysis (IFA).

4. Human Resources Management

About Us

The Human Resources Management program began to enroll 4-year undergraduate students in 2000, and currently, there are about 400 students studying in the program. One of the specially-developed, new distinctive and top-ranking programs of Zhejiang province, it is committed to training “senior application-oriented professionals of human resources management” for institutions, businesses and government departments.

At present, there are 11 faculty members working in the program, of whom 8 hold Ph.D. degrees, 6 are associate professors and 3 are professors. More than 10 human resources managers from well-known enterprises have been employed on a long-term basis as part-time teachers.

Main courses in the program include: Organizational Behavior, Task Analysis, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Salary Management, e-HR (Electronic Human Resource Management), and Comprehensive Practical Training of Human Resource Management. Building on the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Economic Management, the program provides its students with more than 50 curricular experiments. It also offers many experimental projects of simulation, which have been continuously innovated and upgraded, thereby effectively cultivating the students’ competence of practice, innovation and entrepreneurship. Its graduates’ satisfaction is high, with quite a few indexes of satisfaction evaluation ranking the first of the university.

5. Applied Chemistry

About Us

The Applied Chemistry program, which began to enroll 4-year undergraduate students in 2010, is one of the distinctive and top-ranking programs of Zhejiang Province, supported by the provincial key and top-ranking discipline of Applied Chemistry. At present, there are 40 faculty members in the program, of whom 38 hold Ph.D. degrees, 20 are associate professors, 10 are professors, and 22 have experiences of education or academic visit outside China. In the last five years, the faculty members have completed more than 50 important research projects funded either nationally or locally, and have published a number of influential books and papers.

The program provides its students with a comprehensive curriculum in basic chemistry and new energy materials, laying emphasis on the cultivation of its students’ practical ability and innovational spirit. It integrates the on-campus learning and off-campus practice efficiently, with its students learning basic disciplinary courses in school and engaging in a variety of off-campus practice. In the last five years, its students have completed a number of national and provincial projects of innovation and entrepreneurship, and have published many research papers and applied for many patents.

Graduates of the program have been employed by a variety of businesses, chiefly working as technology R&D, production management, quality testing, scientific research and so on in businesses of energy, chemical engineering, environmental protection, materials, pharmacy, etc. Every year, many graduates are admitted to such prestigious universities as East China University of Science and Technology and Suzhou University for postgraduate studies. In addition, students in this program enjoy the opportunity of participating in a variety of international exchange programs provided by the University.

6. Mechanical Design& Manufacturing and Automation

About Us

This program began to recruit undergraduates in 2001. So far we have helped over 1400 students graduate from this program. Over the past years this program has been awarded such honours as emerging characteristic program of provincial level and the leading programs of Zhejiang Province. In addition, this program is backed by Mechanical Engineering, one of the leading disciplines of Zhejiang Province.

We have 35 faculty members, among whom 8 are professors, 31 hold doctoral degree, 2 are doctor supervisors and 10 are master supervisors.

We are committed to ensuring our students to be equipped with the capability of research in mechanical engineering and design & development in mechanical system. They are expected to be armed with the basic quality to carry out research, designing and development work in new products, new processes or new equipment. The potential jobs include production operating, technology management, engineering design, technology development and scientific research.

Courses offered include Mechanical Drawing, Theoretical Mechanics, Materials Mechanics, Engineering Materials and Forming Technology, Fundamentals of Materials Science, Mechanical Precision Design, Machinery Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Principle, Machine Design, Thermo-Fluid Mechanics , Electrotechnics and Electronics, Fundamentals of Control Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Electromechanical Transmission Control, Programmable Logic Controller Application, Computer Aided 3D Structure Design (Solidworks), and Industrial Robot.

7. Computer Science and Technology

About Us

The Computer Science and Technology program of Jiaxing University began to enroll 4-year undergraduate students in 2000, ratified respectively as one of the first key programs and top-ranking programs of Zhejiang Province. With the joint support from the Ministry of Education and ZET Corporation, it boasts an Industry-Education Integration Innovation Base to help students to focus on ICT (information and communication technology) chain, and has built up its advantages and features in the theoretical study of ICT-related soft- and hardware technology as well as the design and development of intelligent application systems.

At present, the program has 22 faculty members, of whom 18 hold Ph.D. degrees, 8 are associate professors, and 5 are professors. Besides, we employ on a regular basis a number of well-known experts, senior engineers from famous enterprises to help teach some practical courses.

The program provides students with a good academic environment. It boasts laboratories of cloud computing, intelligent transportation, Internet of things, data communication and Internet security, wireless communication and fusion communication, programming, disciplinary innovation, etc. With the help of the MOOC platform, most of its courses are taught via a combination of on- and offline instructions. Data Structure and other courses are among the best courses as well as the best online courses of Zhejiang Province. Students in the program have won, among others, the gold medal in the “Challenge Cup” College Student Contest of Entrepreneurship Planning and the first prize in the “Challenge Cup” College Student Contest of Extracurricular Academic and Sci-Tech Works.

8. Textile Engineering

About Us

This program was founded in 1985. At present, the teaching of this program is supported by a key laboratory of provincial level, a key team of provincial level and a demonstration laboratory of provincial level. This program has been awarded as an emerging and characteristic program as well as one of the leading undergraduate program in Zhejiang Province. This program ranks national top ten and the second in Zhejiang Province. So far, 720 students have graduated from this program.

We have 24 faculty members, of whom 6 are professors, 7 are associate professors and 21 hold doctoral degree.

This program is characterized with “fashion design + smart production + textile trade”. Our graduates are expected to be equipped with textile technology, scientific theories and humanistic awareness.

Core courses offered by this program include Science of Textile Material, Architecture of Textile, Yarn Technology, Weaving Technology, Knitting Technology, Dyeing Technology and Enterprise Management of Textile Industry.

9. Clinical Medicine

About Us

The Clinical Medicine program was established in 1951, and began to enroll 5-year undergraduate students in 2003. Since 2015, its enrollment has been top-batch students in Zhejiang passing the college entrance examination. By 2019, it has had more than 1,000 graduates. Currently, there are 675 students studying in the program.

The program is committed to training of application-oriented medical professionals with the ability to engage in diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention, health care and rehabilitation. Main courses in the program include: Systematic Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical Immunology, Pathogen Biology, Pathology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Medical Statistics, Epidemiology, Laboratory Diagnosis, Clinical Diagnostics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Epidemiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, General Medical Sciences, and Clinical Skills.

At present, the program has more than 60 faculty members, of whom 23 hold doctoral degrees, 23 are associate professors and 20 are professors. Besides, this program has 381 clinicians as teachers, of whom 252 hold senior professional titles. It also employs on flexible terms experts from prestigious universities in the world, such as Peking University and Cornell University, to reinforce the teaching staff. The program builds its scientific research on a provincial top-ranking discipline of Clinical Medicine and a provincial key discipline of Pharmacology. It boasts 2 provincial demonstration centers (for medical and virtual-simulation experiments respectively), 6 affiliated hospitals (1 directly and 5 indirectly), 6 teaching hospitals, 16 internship hospitals, 1 affiliated community health service center, 8 community GP teaching bases, and 1 teaching base of preventive medicine practice.

In 2012, the program became the first in Zhejiang Province to receive professional accreditation from the State Ministry of Education (SME), the Chinese counterpart of the international medical education standards, and was reconfirmed as professionally accredited in 2018. It has been recommended as a provincial distinctive new program, prestigious program and excellent program under construction. Over 80% of its graduates have passed the National Qualification Examination for Medical Practitioners in recent years, a passing rate higher than the average in China. More than 30% of its graduates were admitted to postgraduate programs in 2019.

10. Engineering Management

About Us

This program was founded in 2007. Up to now, there are over 500 students who have successfully graduated from this program. At present, we have 290 students. This program has passed the review held by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. It is the first of its kind in Zhejiang Province which has been approved so far. In addition, it has been recognized as the leading programme of provincial level by the Ministry of Education.

There are 16 faculty members, among whom 4 are professor, and 5 are associate Professor. 6 of our faculty members hold doctoral degree. Most of them have experience of leading projects or involved in projects over provincial or ministry level. Furthermore, they have published research articles, academic books or course books.

We are committed to cultivating high quality talents of engineering management with social responsibility, creativity, and practical capability.

Core courses include Principles of Management, Principles of Economics, Architectural Mechanics, Architectural Structure, Operational Research of Management, Accountancy, Management of Engineering Finance, Engineering Economics, Introduction to Engineering Management, Management of Engineering Contract, Measurement and Valuation of Construction Engineering, Engineering Materials, Law of Economy, Laws and Regulations of Construction, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Architectural Design & Construction, Engineering Surveying, Graphing of Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Principles and Application of BIM Technology, Civil Engineering Construction, Management of Engineering Project, and Engineering Cost Management.


About Us

The College of Foreign Studies began to enroll 4-year undergraduate English majors in 2003, and by 2019 it has had more than 1,000 graduates. Currently, there are two directions in the English program: English translation and Business English, with an enrollment of about 460 students from different countries.

At present, there are 26 faculty members in the English Department, of whom two are professors, eight are associate professors, and eleven hold Ph.D. degrees. All the teachers have experiences of either education or academic visit outside China. Besides, quite a few excellent international teachers are employed every year, who, coming from the US, the UK, Australia and other English-speaking countries, teach oral English, English writing and culture-related courses in the program. A number of books and articles of academic influence, as well as translations, have been published by the faculty members in recent years.

The program is committed to the training of English proficiency and education of humanities. Main courses in the program include: English Reading and Writing, English Listening and Speaking, English Literature, English Linguistics, Translation Theory and Practice, Society and Culture of English-speaking Countries, Business English, and Foreign Trade Practice. During the school period, students can participate in a variety of voluntary social service and extracurricular social practice, and the volunteer service we offer for the World Internet Conference held annually at Wuzhen, Jiaxing (also known as the Wuzhen Summit), has become an important, characteristic event of the English program. Students in this program also enjoy the opportunity of participating in a variety of international exchange programs provided by the University.

12. Preschool Education

About Us

The Preschool Education program, originating from the Pinghu Normal School more than a hundred years ago, began to enroll 4-year undergraduate students in 2012 with an annual enrollment of about 80 students. In 2019, the program was accredited by the State Ministry of Education with the second-level certification for the preschool education program, and was ratified as one of the top-ranking undergraduate programs of Zhejiang Province.

The program, in the light of the concept and development of integrated education in and outside China, sets up an integrated curricular system for the training of preschool teachers, so as to adapt its graduates to the integrated education environment and help them meet the needs of integrated teaching. In the last three years, 100% of its students have passed the Teacher’s Certificate Tests, and the employment rate of its graduates has been over 98%, showing its graduates have been well accepted in the preschool education circles. The program offers some international or bilingual courses, such as Children’s Development (English), Preschool Children’s Physical Fitness Assessment: Theory and Practice (English), which broaden the students’ international horizon and lay the foundation for enrolling international students.

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