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Notice on the Labor Day Holiday

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According the Calendar of this semester, the Labor Day holiday arrangement is as follows:

1. The Duration of the Holiday

May 1st (Saturday)-May 5th (Wednesday),five days in total.

2. Attention

(1) Be care of your personal and property safety, avoid the dangers of drowning, fire, theft, fraud, traffic accidents, etc.

(2) Please follow the dormitory management regulations, do not stay late or stay out at night.  

(3) Please note the fire prevention, use electricity in a safe way and open the window to ventilate the room.

(4) Please cultivate a healthy way of life. Please have a balanced diet and take proper exercise.

(5) Alcoholism, fighting, illegal assembly, illegal employment and other improper behaviors are strictly prohibited.

(6) Much attention should be drawn to personal protection of COVID-19 due to the epidemic situation.

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