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Notice on Qingming Festival Holiday

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According the Calendar of this semester, the Qingming Festival holiday arrangement is as follows:

1. The Duration of the Holiday

April 3rd (Saturday), 2021--April 5th (Monday) , three days in total.

2. Attention

(1) Much attention should be drawn to personal protection of COVID-19 due to the epidemic situation.

(2) Please note the fire prevention, use electricity in a safe way and open the window to ventilate the room.

(3) Please protect your private information well in case of fraud.

(4) Please cultivate a healthy way of life. Learn the trend of weather change and adjust your clothes in response to the changeable weather.

(5) Please have a balanced diet and take proper exercise.

(6) Please pay attention to the food safe. Do not drink raw water and uncooked food.

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