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2021 Winter Vacation Notice

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Holiday Duration and Arrangements for Spring Semester

1.Winter Vacation:January 20, 2021—February 27,2021

2.Registration and Class Time:

Undergraduate Students

Registration Time: February 28, 2021

Class Time: March 1, 2021

Language Students:

Class Time: around March 8, 2021

*Adjustments may be made according to the changing situation of epidemic prevention and control.

*Registration for students outside of China will be conducted online.

Notice for Winter Vacation

In order to make sure that every international student can have a safe and happy vacation, Institute of International Education kindly reminds that all international students should follow the notice below:

1. Do not organize and participate in large-scale collective activities, do not gather or dine with too many people. Avoid going to closed public places or the places with crowded people.

2. Open windows for ventilation frequently. Although it’s cold in winter, opening the window for ventilation and maintaining fresh indoor air is still necessary.

3. Pay attention to the hygiene of the living environment, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask when you have to go out, and pay attention to personal protection.

4. Pay attention to food safety and hygiene.

5. Develop a healthy lifestyle. Keep close eyes on the weather change and keep yourself warm. Have a good diet and exercise properly.

6. Improve the awareness of prevention; Beware of online fraud.




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