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Students from JXU have broken the record in 2020 MCM/ICM Contest
Date Published:2020-05-11
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MCM/ICM Contest’s results were announced. Eight teams from our university stood out from the tens of thousands of teams, making a historic breakthrough. Team from College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering was designated as the Finalist. Another 4 teams won the Honorable Mention (second prize). The winning rate of the second prize and above reached to 62.5%, much higher than the global winning rate of 33.18%.

Sponsored by COMAP (the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications), MCM/ICM contest, as the most influential mathematical contest in the world, is the only international mathematical contest in mathematical modeling. The awards include Outstanding Winner (winning rate is 0.18%), Finalist(winning rate is 2%), Meritorious Winner ( winning rate is 6.7%), Honorable Mention(winning rate is 24.3%) and Successful Participant(64.7%).

The school has always attached great importance to the mathematical modeling contest for college students. The faculty advisors have guided the students to focus on mathematical modeling contest for more than 20 years and won 119 national and provincial awards.


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