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2019-2020 Jiaxing University International Student Admissions Guide
Date Published:2019-5-21
Published by: International Education & Cooperation JXU

Chapter 1 General Code

1.      This admission guide is aimed to standardize the international student management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the school and international students and ensure smooth progress of admission work. It is formulated according to "Regulations on Colleges and Universities Accepting International students"([2017] No.42 Order) issued by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security and relevant regulations made by administrative department for education in Zhejiang Province.  

2.      The admission of international students strictly adheres to the relevant policies and regulations issued by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security of China and administrative department for education in Zhejiang Province. The admission of international students will strictly follow the principles of "fair competition, fair selection, open procedure, comprehensive assessment, comprehensive appraisal, preferentialness admitted".

3.      International student admission is supervised by the International Student Admission Leading Group and Disciplinary Inspection Department.

4.      This guide applies to 2019-2020 Jiaxing University (abbreviated as JXU) international student admissions.


                                                                              Chapter 2 School Profile

5.      Full name: Jiaxing University

6.      School level and type: undergraduate; full-time ordinary and public institutions of higher learning

7.      Name of the school by which the diploma and degree certificates are issued: Jiaxing University

8.      School location: the address of Yuexiu campus is No. 56, South Yuexiu Road, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China. The address of Lianglin campus is No. 888 Jiahang Road, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China. The address of Pinghu campus is No. 888 Hongjian Road, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China.


Chapter 3 Organization

9.      JXU has set up International Student Admission Leading Group. The school leader who is in charge of foreign affairs of JXU serves as the group leader. The vice-president of JXU who is in charge of teaching affairs serves as the deputy group leader. International Student Admission Leading Group consists of Institute of International Education, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Budget and Finance and Office of Supervision. The leading group is responsible for international student admissions, formulating the admission policies and making final decisions on major issues.

10.  Institute of International Education is responsible for the specific organization and implementation of international student admission and enrollment.

11.  The whole process of international student admission work is supervised by Office of Supervision in JXU.  


Chapter 4 Study Program, Length of Schooling and Fees

12.  Chinese Language Program: Chinese language courses (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and off-campus cultural experience. The maximum length of study is no more than 2 years.

13.  Undergraduate Programs teaching in Chinese: a total of 55 undergraduate programs, covering Economics, Management, Engineering, Medicine, Education, Art, Literature, Law and Natural Science. Generally, the study duration is four years, except for Clinical Medicine and Architecture, which are of five years.

14.  Undergraduate Program teaching in English: International Economics and Trade and Applied Chemistry. Study duration is four years. The minimum class enrollment limit is 10 students otherwise the class will be canceled.

15.  Tuition and fees

Application: 200


Language: 15,000/year; Undergraduate: 16,000/year (Liberal arts, Science, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy); 18,000/year (Arts); 20,000/year (Clinical Medicine)

On-campus accommodation:

a. International student apartment

Double Room, 15/person/day (including water and electricity, free WIFI, separate bathroom)

b. Yuexiu Campus No. 4 apartment

Single Room, 4,800/person/year; Double Room: 2,400/person/year (including water and electricity, free WIFI, shared bathroom)


Chapter 5 Admission

16.  JXU warmly welcomes international students from all over the world.

17.  Institute of International Education is responsible for reviewing the application materials of international students. After the preliminary examination, the secondary college will conduct professional examination and make suggestions on whether the student can be admitted to JXU or not. College of International Education will send Admission Notice, Visa Application Forms (Form JW202) and some other documents to the admitted students after the final admission result is released.

18.  In special cases where international students need major switch after enrollment, the students concerned must apply to JXU for approval. Major switch refers to “Rules and Regulations on Switching Majors for Full-time Undergraduate in Jiaxing University” (Jiayuanwaizi [2017] No.12).


Chapter 6 Freshman scholarship

19.  Students are allowed to apply for freshman scholarship while applying undergraduate study.


a.      First-class scholarship (full scholarship): tuition waiver;

b.      Second-class scholarship (partial scholarship): 50% of tuition waiver;

20.  The application and management of “Belt and Road” scholarship is based on Jiaxing University “Belt and Road” Friendship Scholarship, which is designed for International students from “Belt and Road” countries.


Chapter 7 Application of International Students

21.  Application requirements

Undergraduate students: under the age of 25, with high school diploma or certificate; qualified academic performance.

Language students: under the age of 35, basically, with a high school diploma or certificate;

Applicants should be physically and mentally healthy and have no criminal record. Applicants should abide by the laws and regulations of China as well as rules and regulations of JXU.

Applicants applying for undergraduate programs teaching in Chinese, HSK-4 should be 180 or above.

Applicants applying for undergraduate programs teaching in English, IELTS should be 5.5 or above; or TOEFL 550 or above. Students from English speaking countries are not required to provide the above materials.

22.  Application materials

Applicants are required to send scanned copies of the following materials, and submit original materials upon arrival.

a. “Jiaxing University International Student Application Form”;

b. Passport personal information page;

c. High school diploma and transcript;

d. Non-criminal record; Foreigner Physical Examination Form;

e. Resume and study plan;

f. Transfer certificate (required only for international students who have studied in China);

g. A recommendation letter from the teacher in graduate school (required only for international students who apply for undergraduate programs);

h. Students applying for freshman scholarship should submit “Jiaxing University Freshman Scholarship Application Form”;

i. Language proficiency proof (only available to international students who apply for undergraduate programs);

j. Photograph within last three months (white background, 35mm * 40 mm);

k. Other supplementary materials might be required.

23. Application time

Fall semester: March 1st - June 30th;

Spring semester: October 8th - December 15th (Chinese language study students only);

24. Application process

a. Applicants send electronic materials, Jiaxing University International Student Scholarship Application Form and payment voucher of application fee to (Korean); (English) before deadlines, and provide the original copies of the above upon arrival.

b. After reviewed by admission team, electronic official offer and scholarship notice will be sent to qualified applicants.

c. Non full scholarship winners should remit 1,000 tuition deposit to Jiaxing University bank account, and send the payment voucher at the same time.

d. Paper offer and JW202 form are mailed to qualified applicants, with which study visa could be applied.

e. Application fee is nonrefundable; tuition deposit is returned if applicants fail to get study visa.


Chapter 8 EnrollmentPhysical Examination and Fees

25.  Fall semester starts at the beginning of September. Spring semester starts at the end of February.

26. At the beginning of each semester, international students should register within the stipulated time. Students who do not register before the due time are requested to inform the International Education & Cooperation in advance. Students who fail to register in stipulated time without permission will be disqualified for enrollment. Exceptions can be made if the student encounters extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

27. Tuition and other fees are required to pay within 10 working days after enrollment.

28. After registration, the Physical Examination Record for international students shall be verified by Jiaxing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. If not qualified, he/she should re-take a physical examination.

29. International students must be insured in accordance with the national regulations and school requirements. International students who fail to purchase insurance as required are not allowed to register. Those who have studied in school shall be expelled or shall not be registered.


Chapter 9 Other Information

30. Contact information

Official website:

Admissions website:

Tel: +86-573-83641632


Mailing address: Institute of International Education, Jiaxing University, No. 56, South Yuexiu Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China

Zip code: 314001

31.School bank account

Beneficiary’s Bank Name:


Beneficiary’s Bank Address:



Beneficiary’s Name: JiaxingUniversity.

Beneficiary’s Address:


Beneficiary’s Bank A/C No.: 1204068009049001258

32. This Admission Guide is interpreted by Institute of International Education of JXU. In case of any inconsistency with the national policies and relevant policies made by the higher levels, please be subject to national policies and relevant policies at higher level.

33. This Admission Guide shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.


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