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Scholarship from Department of Education of Zhejiang Province
Date Published:2020-04-01
Published by: International Education & Cooperation JXU


“Scholarship of Zhejiang Municipal Government for International Students in China” (hereinafter referred to as the scholarship) is specially established to attract more international students of higher levels studying in Zhejiang, and to enhance their understanding of and affection for this province. 


The scholarship covers all the foreign doctoral candidates, master degree candidates, undergraduates and long-term advanced students learning for more than one semester, who are applying for or studying in a full-time ordinary institution of higher education which is qualified for enrolling international students in Zhejiang .        



The scholarship is divided into ABC three classes with each implementing a different standard:




Award amount


A Type

Excellent postgraduate international students

CNY 30,000/Person

Select once a year

B Type

Excellent undergraduate international students

CNY 20,000/Person

Select once a year

C Type

Excellent non-degree international students

CNY 6,000/Person

Select once a year


Basic requirements


Undergraduate applicants are required for a Graduation certificate or diploma equaling to that offered by a Chinese senior high school. The applicant should be under 30 years old.

Students who study non-degree programs should study at least one semester.


Other requirements


 • The applicant must have a foreign nationality, and a foreign passport. He or she should be friendly to  China  and be healthy.    

 • The applicant must obey both the school rules and Chinese rules and regulations.    

 • The applicant should have achieved a certain level of Chinese with corresponding certificates, such as HSK certificate and others.   

 • The terms would be softened for some particular majors taught in English.    

 • The applicant should among the top students either in class or in grade.    

 • This scholarship is not offered with other scholarships offered by the Chinese government at the same time.


Application documents

Refer to application documents of Jiaxing University International Student Scholarship

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