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Health Care
Date Published:2015-06-04
Published by: International Education & Cooperation JXU

In addtion to the university health center on campus, there are several major hospitals off campus and they are close to JXU. The relevant detailed information regarding them and their services is stated below for your reference.

I. Types of Service


•Pre-hospital service:


Keep health files, and according to the health condition of international students, arrange regular appointments with them for health check-up and provide guidance service. Special health service line is set up for international students for their medical and information consulting service. To meet the requirements of international students, special medical experts and staff are arranged to provide door-to-door service, appointment service, emergency service and other special–purpose services.


•In-hospital service


A. Medical check-up: The  liaison department  for international students’ service is responsible for all affairs in the check-up process, gives timely feedback of the check-up and saves the information in individual’s health file for further follow-up service.


B. Clinic service: “Green Passage” is established in all designated hospitals, and the special diagnosis room is set up where medical experts are supposed to provide clinic service for international students.


C. Medical service for people staying in hospital: Special wards are set up, where international students are entitled to appoint any doctor for his/ her operation and ask for special care service.


•Post-hospital service:


In all designated hospitals, follow-up service, and regular visits on patients are offered for those who have gone through the check-up and received clinic treatment, in order to keep track of the health condition of patients and provide timely recovery and health guidance.


II. Designated hospitals


The following are designated hospitals for international students’ medical service: Jiaxing No.1 Hospital, No.2 Hospital, Jiaxing Women and Children Health Care Hospital (Municipal Trinity Hospital) and Jiaxing Hospital of Chinese Traditional Medicine.


•Jiaxing No. 1 Hospital:  



It is the largest general hospital of Grade B, Class III, with the largest scale, best medical apparatus and instruments and best technology in Jiaxing. It ranks among the first “National People’s Trusty Model Hospitals” , the first network hospitals of international first-aid centers , Zhejiang excellent hospitals for clinical teaching practice under higher medical education institutions, and among the provincial model units.


The key departments include Internal Medicine of Cardiology, Hematopathy, critical care medicine, Digestion, Tumor Surgery, and Liver and Gall Surgery.


Outpatient department address: clinical Service Department of No.1 Hospital for International students (2nd floor of Emergency Department Building)


Address: No.329 South Hexing Road.


Telephone: 82070321  82082937-60576067


•Jiaxing No.2 Hospital:



It is a general hospital of Class III and Grade B level, one of the provincial model hospitals, one of national people’s trusty hospitals.


The key departments include: Orthopedics, General Surgery, Neurology, Anaesthesiology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Urology.


Outpatient department address: clinical room for distinguished guests, 5th floor of the ward building


Address: No.1518 North Ring Road


Telephone: 82059603 82090261


•Jiaxing Women and Children Health Care Hospital (Trinity Hospital ): 



It is the guidance centre for medical, teaching and scientific researches in the fields of Obstetric-Gynecology and health care of(for) women and children.


Outpatient department address: the north-east side of the crossing between East Zhonghuan Road and South Zhonghuan Road


Address: North-East Side of the Intersection of East Ring Road and South Ring Road.


Telephone: 82066224




•Jiaxing Hospital of Chinese Traditional Medicine:



It is a hospital of Class III and Grade B level, one of the provincial civilized hospitals of Chinese traditional medicine, one of the provincial key hospitals, one of the first “Green Hospitals” and network hospitals of international first- aid centre. Acupuncture and moxibustion and bone wounds treatment centre , and integrated traditional and western medicine department of burns and plastic surgery are the key specialities and subjects; integrated traditional and western medicine department of diabetes is the key medical section of Jiaxing city; integrated traditional and western medicine department of Ophthalmology is the medical treatment base of Zhejiang for eye-based diseases; and integrated traditional and western medicine department of Obstetrics is a key section under special construction in the field of Chinese traditional medicine of Zhejiang Province.


Address: East Zhongshan Road, No. 1501. Business Development Department on the 3rd floor of pharmacy dispensary of out-patient department building


Address: NO.1501 East Zhongshang Road






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