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Chinese Food
Date Published:2015-06-04
Published by: International Education & Cooperation JXU

As Chinese food is an essential part of  the Chinese culture, the international students should take advantage of their learning in JXU. They have a wide range of Chinese food choices, such as the local food in Jiaxing, Shanghai cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Beijing cuisine during their study in JXU and stay in China.


Local Food in Jiaxing


Wufangzhai Zongzi



Wenhu Duck


South Lake Water Chestnut


Dongpo Braised Pork


Other Chinese Cuisines


Beijing Roast Duck


Jade Pot


Buddha Skipping the Wall


Sichuan Hot Pot


Fried Rice Noodles


Moon Cake

Jiao Zi


For more information regarding the other Chinese food, please refer to the following link or contact us! 

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